New Generation Drone For Selfies Lovers !

  • Pocket-Sized - You can carry this thing around as if it were an iPhone. Simply place it in your pocket and go about your day. But always be ready fly!

  • Birds-Eye View - The built-in camera streams live video or photos to your Android or iPhone for those crystal clear and picture perfect action shots.

  • EasyFlight System - The drone is designed to automatically stabilize and refocus, ensuring you the best quality footage every single time.

  • 1-Tap Commands - Your take-offs, returns and landings take just 1 simple click on the app, making flying effortless, even for total beginners.

  • Tough 'n' Rugged - Made from solid ABS thermoplastic, the drone is designed to handle knocks, bumps, and crashes without breaking - more fun, less stress.

  • Max Air Time - The powerful lithium-ion battery is fully rechargeable and lets you fly for up to 8 minutes on a single charge.

  • Legal! - Unlike most drones, this one is completely legal. So you can fly this around without ever having to worry about anyone complaining or calling the cops!

  • Fly Far & Wide - SelfieDrone generates its own 2.4ghz Wi-Fi signal letting you operate it from up to 40m away.

Package includes:
1 x JJRC H37 Quadcopter (built-in HD camera)
1 x 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po Battery
1 x USB Charging Cable
4 x Propellers
1 x Manual
​1 x Black Portable Bag


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